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Pilates Tasmania is Tassie's principal group mat provider, leading the way with quality and government accredited instructors and personalised programming to suit all levels of fitness and ability. 

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Christmas schedule & best wishes

The last Tuesday evening mat class for the year is on December 21st. Tuesday classes will resume at the Derwent Mercantile Rowing sheds on the 5th of January 2010 (!).

The last Thursday evening mat class is on the 17th December. Thursday evening classes will resume on the 7th January 2010 at our new venue, the South Hobart Badminton Centre.

If you'd like a Monday evening mat class back, please let us know.

We wish you a safe and happy Christmas and hope that the new year holds many teasers, 100s and open leg rockers.




Changes to class schedule

Christmas Countdown

Christmas has a tendency of side tracking all our best intentions - an extra drink here, a yummy mince pie there and so many events to attend that slowly we get out of the habit of looking after ourselves. Or perhaps we're looking after ourselves a little too well?

Christie and I have decided to 'arm' you this year with a little info and a lot of focus so you can make sure that you enjoy this silly season whilst keeping a little of that pilates strength and tone in your life. We've put together a 3 week pilates course focussing on those body parts that give away how much fun you're having.

The course will begin Thursday December the 3rd at 5.45pm at the Derwent Mercantile Rowing Sheds. At each session, we will bring along a cheat sheet with a few key exercises that you can do at home when you feel the need. Total cost will be $40 (a tinsy bit more than usual to cover extra costs) to be paid up front.

Classes will take on their usual format however there will be a very clear focus at each session:

3rd December 2009/ Week 1: Firm butts - flat tums
10th December 2009/ Week 2: Sexy backs and arms (this applies to the guys as well!)
17th December 2009/ Week 3: Unwind, relax and focus (especially helpful when coordinating family Christmas visits) through stretch

Lock in your attendance for these classes by emailing us as soon as you can as space will be limited.

Change to Class Schedule

PLEASE NOTE, we hope to continue Thursday night classes after the silly season in place of our current Monday night class. The next round of Tuesday night intermediate/advanced classes begin on the 23rd November - $100 up front as per usual. We welcome any new faces that might be keen for either Tuesday or Thursday though we ask that you contact us to confirm your attendance.



That special pressie for the pilates enthusiast in your life

If you're hunting around for some Christmas ideas for yourself (hint, hint) or others, then we can point you in the right direction:




Abi and Joseph (named for the founder of the company, Abi and the founder of pilates, Joseph) have the perfect pilates/yoga/travel wear - stylish, beautiful fabric and quality manufacturing absolutely guarantee that you will be thrilled with any item you are lucky enough to possess. Gin is currently living in Abi's camisoles and wraps and has no issue recommending the relaxed fit pants or leggings! However there is one item that is bound to suit all tastes- affordable, useful and pretty. In fact, it could be the perfect stocking filler - non-slip, non-skid socks!



 Think of how many times Christie has had you in the most amazing stretch yet you feel your feet starting to slide outwards, as though your 5 year old self is tempting you to do the splits just one more time. Yeah right. No longer will you be fearful that your groin can't give anymore as in these sockies, you won't be going anywhere. If you're a regular in the studio, we don't need to tell you how convenient it would be to hide old nail polish or bandaids (that are "helping" to break in those new shoes) inside your socks whilst working safely on the apparatus.

Of course Abi and Joseph make so many beautiful items, you could probably source the Christmas stocking fillers, major pressies and a little something for yourself without a second thought.

And just a hint, make sure you subscribe to Abi and Joseph's newsletter...


Pilates Tasmania Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Pilates Tasmania is hosting a mat pilates session followed by breakfast on Sunday October 25th to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The pilates mat class will start at 9.30am and breakfast coordinated by our 'caterer extraordinaire' (Christie) will follow an hour later. Gin will be leading the mat class with Mary having her say no doubt.

Pilates and breakfast will be held at the Derwent Mercantile Rowing sheds next to the Tasman Bridge - fingers crossed for a sunny morning to take full advantage of this lovely setting.

Please note - numbers for the pilates mat session will need to be restricted for your safety and due to a lack of mats. If you have your own mat, please bring it along. RSVP by email to Gin ASAP for the mat class to avoid missing out. The breakfast is a free-for-all but make sure you RSVP so we make enough food!

If you'd like to donate or offer your support for our Pink Ribbon Breakfast, please find our team page on the Pink Ribbon Breakfast website.



Looking for a studio to try on your next visit to Melbourne?

Well, have I got the place for you....

I went to Melbourne last week to train with the amazing Shauna Hall - womens health/pilates guru. Shauna is a very experienced exercise physiologist and pilates instrucor, specialising in all those issues that women face now or in the future - specifically heart disease, osteoporosis, menopause (check out her Women's Vital Health Movement Principles) and has recently completed her masters on depression and exercise. Mary and I went to her specifically to learn how to help women with breast cancer rehabilitate from surgery and take control of their lives and bodies as they enter treatment and beyond. Please have a chat to us if you'd like to know more or if we can help you or a loved one.

I love a trip interstate as I make a point of booking a private session at a pilates studio. On this trip, I chose to book in at Soma Pilates St Kilda. I was intuitively lead through my session by the incredibly interesting and accomplished director of the studio Elise Watts. Elise has a background in dance, gymnastics and in her younger days, was an elite aerobic athlete. She trained through Pilates ITC and has additional training in behavioural science, hypnosis, kinesiology, esoteric-body work and energy healing. She knew exactly what my body needed and used a wide range of techniques taken from pilates, the Franklin method and the Feldenkrais method to apply that knowledge. Most mind boggling was the isolation of one particular deep external hip rotator that I don't think I have ever accessed before!

I spent the afternoon after my session floating (as in very released through the pelvis and hip flexors), incredibly relaxed (as noted by the occassional happy sigh that escaped my mouth) and having learnt a few new things about how to address some of those imbalances that we all have. I very much recommend a visit to Elise's lovely studio.


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